Methadone Hydrochloride

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Methadone Hydrochloride

Formula: C21H27NO.HCL
CAS Number: 1095-90-5
MOL.WEIGHT: 345.9 g/mol

Methadone Hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt of methadone, a synthetic opioid with analgesic activity. Similar to morphine and other morphine-like agents, methadone mimics the actions of endogenous peptides at CNS opioid receptors, primarily the mu-receptor, resulting in characteristic morphine-like effects including analgesia, euphoria, sedation, respiratory depression, miosis, bradycardia and physical dependence. Because of the prolonged half-life of methadone compared to other morphine-like agents such as heroin, the onset of opiate withdrawal symptoms is slower, the duration of opiate withdrawal is prolonged, and opiate withdrawal symptoms are less severe.

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